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We understand that the employees are the most valuable investment for any organization, and feel privileged with such a significant responsibility. Therefore, we at BO go to any extent necessary, to upload the confidence that our clients place in us. We follow a stringent recruitment procedure to ensure that 'Human Capital' investment is well preserved. The recruitment process at Boom follows the following five steps:


This is considered as the most important step in the recruitment process, where in our HR experts take a proactive approach for an in-depth analysis of the employer's exact manpower needs. The skills being sorted, and understanding the role and the responsibilities that the candidate would be accountable for, is a significant part of our clients requirement analysis. This is followed by a detailed review of all aspects of the company; including the components of its business activities, work-culture and industry practices, to make our candidate selection full proof.


In this step, our search executive team is detailed and clarified on the talent that is being sort by the HR team. Our HR professionals scan their extensive talent databases besides probing other resoures to short-list potential candidates. Shortlisted candidates are then screened through preliminary interviews and given task at actual work environment to evaluate their qualifications, skills, level of competence, work ethics, and experience and past references. We leave no stone unturned for headhunting the right candidates.


This step involves a point by point to ensure a perfect match between the professional and the job profile. The candidates who pass the pre-screening are further rigorously interviewed by our team of HR experts and industry-specific experts, who make the final selections. They re-examine the candidate's skills and levels of competency and verify the claimed qualifications and experience. Feedback is also obtained from their previous employers through the provided references.


In this step, our final selections are presented to the client enabling them to make their final picks. Employers are also welcome to visit us in our offices and trade centers for the same. Once the client makes the final selections, our negotiators get involved to ensure the candidates are recruited at the most competitive pay scales and benefits.


This step comprises of the drafting of the final agreement and the issuance of the conditional offer, following which our pre-departure associates assist the recruited candidates with necessary formalities. Our administrative staff helps the candidates through the required documentation including medical and visa/emigration clearances; and flight arrangements for their departures. Our overseas officers coordinate the candidate's arrival at the destination and handing over to the client.

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