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BOOM OVERSEAS is fully committed to the complete satisfaction of both, our prestigious clients as well as Job seekers who are desirous for overseas employment with a right & a better secure Future. We provide overseas placement for those looking forward to broaden their horizons and head for better career opportunities in the Middle East & Asia Pacific.



Construction recruitment agency - hire workers, executives and senior management.

Infrastructure is the base of any industry. So construction is seen as the foundation of progress. Roads, bridges, buildings etc. are the symbols of prosperity and an affluent society. This fast-paced world demands construction projects to complete at the earliest so that the investors may start reaping profits at the earliest. Natural calamities also play a major part in heightened construction activities and hence construction manpower recruitment.



With the development of oil & gas industry, engineer plays an important role in this trend.  Boom Overseas have been trained at leading manpower in India and received advanced technology in the world. Boom Overseas can provide some types of engineers in oil & gas sector to meet the requirement of each stage in the oil and gas projects. Some types of oil and gas engineer - Boom Overseas can supply are follows: 

1. Technical Manager

2. Project Engineer

3. Structural Engineer

4. H2S Engineer

5. Petrochemical engineer

6. HSE Engineer

7. Mud Engineer / Drilling Fluids Engineer

8. Instrument & Control Engineer



What started back in the ancient times, often referred to as the ancestral era, when mankind developed fundamental inventions like the wheel, pulley and lever, has now come to become an entirely separate, massive and vital industry today. Engineering, that theoretically started with the development of basic tools.



The hospitality industry, that theoretically started several centuries ago in the form of providing travel and accommodation comfort facilities to guests or visitors, is now a massive industry covering several hundreds of services and facilities, estimated to be worth several billion dollars.



Energy is one among the prime factors that indicate or contribute to a nation’s economic growth. Power generation and consumption of a country help analyze its economic development as literally every sector (domestic or commercial/industrial) is highly dependent on the availability of energy resources. In fact, the per capita energy consumption figures are clear indicators of the standard of living of any country.



Besides our two decades of experience, expertise and excellence in staffing consultancy, solutions and recruitments, and our supply of over seventy five thousand personnel for over a hundred and twenty businesses across several industries around the globe; we’re also renowned for our specialized support services’ personnel recruitments and provisions for the highly organized sectors and projects like those of UN (United Nations), NATO.



Statistics, figures and data of the manufacturing industry are key indicators of every nation’s economy (GDP) – production, exports, employment, living standards, infrastructure and self-sufficiency to name a few. The manufacturing industry has now become the backbone of every nation’s economic sustenance, stability and progress. It is the only sector that controls several other general conditions of a nation, like employment and consumables’ prices.



Infrastructure forms on the largest components of making any economy robust and putting it on fast track growth. This is the reason why governments around the world are always involved in developing and building their infrastructure continuously. Rail transport forms an integral part of overall infrastructural development that carries man and material with speed at an extremely cheaper cost.

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