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Why Boom Overseas


BOOM OVERSEAS (BO), established in New Delhi, India in 1990 has been designed to bridge the gap between sectors that demand Manpower and Indian Manpower is looking out for opportunities. It isn't long after its conceptualization that BO has turned around the Industry's culture with its revolutionary approach and radical techniques.

Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India approved, Boom Overseas is globally renowned as the company with the finest combination of commitment, quality services, business philosophy, professional ethics, dedication, and integrity. BO headquartered in New Delhi, the commercial heart of India, and is massively networked domestically as well as internationally. It has its overseas administrative office at Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Over last two decades, Boom Overseas has been recognized as one of the most dependable competent, full-service Indian recruitment agency worldwide. With the recruitment over a seventy-five thousand skilled professionals abroad, it has supported more than one hundred and twenty-five organizations around the globe. Founded and lead by Mr. Jagdish Chopra, an industry pioneer for three decades, Boom Overseas has emerged as the trailblazer of manpower solutions, with a reputation that is matchless.

Established in 1993, BO catered manpower needs to only a few specialized sectors,;however, at present day, it is being looked at as the recruitment specialist for several sectors of operation in over 50 countries,; in particular manpower requirement for eighth keys industries-hospitality, manufacturing, energy and resources, construction, oil and gas, engineering, IT and Telecom. BO also registers expertise in support services for the construction projects all over Asia, Middle East and Africa. BO competence, proficiency and dependability in catering to every conceivable manpower need, through all spheres and stratums of businesses, had made it one of the highly recognized Manpower consultancy firms of India.

Boom Overseas
Boom Overseas


We at BO understand well that efficiency is dependable on a well designed and functional corporate structure. Therfore, our operations are executed through a vast national network of Industry experts running specipalized departments and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.

Our domestic network extends throughout the country to tap the best of specialized Indian manpower. Our aim of matching the skill-set with the employer’s needs is ideally delivered if the mutual benefit is given priority, which is exactly what our network provides.

As for the management structure, it has been organized to function via 5 major intra-divisions that work in synchronization to deliver recruitment solutions. The first representing department that interacts with the client is the recruitment department, which is qualified and trained to analyze the employer’s precise requirements. Their job is followed by the executive search department that identifies and shortlist talent, so the selected candidates can be further assessed and semi or fully finalized by our team of industry-specific experts. The team of negotiators and thereafter, pre-departure associates, facilitate the final recruitment and the candidate’s departure-arrival (on site) stages.

For more information that you’d want about our company’s structure, please email us at : info@boomoverseas.com

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